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Jeff Altman
2 min readOct 16, 2020

Conflict is one thing. You disagree with someone and wind up in opposing camps for a while.

Turbulence is that feeling of agitation within you that may come from excessive undigested pressure that you feel that has yet to be resolved.

It can be caused by something or nothing.

For example, I feel turbulence when I’m over-caffeinated. I used to feel turbulence during bad commutes or when I had a subconscious worry.

Sometimes, my mild-mannered self with tape assigned to my desk or the back of my chair that alerted people, “APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK” to alert people to my bad mood.

One of the nice things that came from that where the number of people who would ask what’s wrong and express their concern for me. I know I present as being extremely self-reliant and very capable. But there were times I was carrying something with me to the office that just left me feeling foul. Given that I don’t drink alcohol or do any bad things, I know I was carrying some version of subconscious worry with me that I couldn’t put a finger on.

Letting people in helps them feel closer to you.

Being vulnerable can create a connection. Not with everyone, of course, but with a lot of people.

You can’t please everyone all the time nor do you want to. But there are times it is important to be a human being at work and not just simply a machine.

I found that many times when I open up I receive a lot of care back in return. That may not be your experience. For me, what I do this, it’s like removing crap where from my system. Everything runs much more smoothly.

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