The Three Things You Need to Know About Self-Sabotage & Your Job Search

  1. Wrong answers at job interviews. These can include the classic cases of “freezing” or not delivering what you know and who you are at your best. How did this become an example of a psychological problem? What causes you to answer questions incorrectly or “freeze” is that you have not practiced enough to develop “muscle memory” so that you execute at an elite level. Great athletes, both professional and amateur practice relentlessly in order to deliver at an elite level on game day. For most of you, the next time you practice or even think through situations you might face on a job interview will be the first or second time. Contrast that with what athletes, entertainers, even politicians do before a big game, performance or speech. Do you really think that is the first time LeBron made that move? Of course, not. Yet you go on interviews and think you can execute by accident when you have done nothing (or next to nothing) to prepare to perform at a championship level.
  2. You are set up for failure. My son is 16 and works at a fast casual restaurant. When he left work recently, he was so angry and upset by his work day, he was in tears. His usual 10 person weekend shift was only staffed with 4 people. He was overwhelmed and made mistakes. Heard criticism and, because they were understaffed, didn’t have an adequate break to eat dinner, worked until 11 PM and cracked under the pressure. Was that his fault or did management put him in a “no win” situation. Trust me, there are times you will interview and you cannot win. Maybe someone has already been decided on because they arrive with a referral from a sponsor. Maybe, they have really decided on the winner and are going through the motions. Maybe, no one likes the recruiter and they will never hire someone from that firm but are forced to use them for political reasons. Is that your fault?




Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Career Coach. Host of No BS Job Search Advice Radio and Watch Job Search TV on Amazon and Roku.

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Jeff Altman

Jeff Altman

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Career Coach. Host of No BS Job Search Advice Radio and Watch Job Search TV on Amazon and Roku.

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