Jeff Altman
3 min readApr 4, 2021

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

“Voltaire puzzled about the soul and soulwork, eventually concluding, ‘Four thousand volumes of metaphysics will not teach us what the soul is.’ Yet we all know that all work can be sacred and all work can be soulwork. Short-term thinking is the nemesis of soulful change because it is easy to interrupt the process at any moment and then declare it to be a failure. The soul does not think in terms of the fiscal quarter or financial year-end. The soul is patient and delivering. Our work is transformed into soul work when it is devoted to bringing more love and sacredness to the planet. Does your work marriage your soul?”


I shook the deck in the app, and it delivered this reminder.

I found my soul work in different places than my work until I transitioned to coaching. Only then was I able to professionally do the work that I valued in my volunteer efforts.

When I worked in search, I focused on helping people find jobs.

I was primarily conscientious about what I did, especially during the last ten years of my career. There are times that I slept in became mainly transactional, not caring a heck of a lot beyond collecting a fee.

Once I transitioned into coaching, things change for me.

Although I want to be paid well for what I do, what is most important to me is helping people find work that satisfies them and encourages…



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