Over 60 and Job Hunting: 10 Ideas for You

Jeff Altman
6 min readAug 21, 2022

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

When working as a coach, I often work with people who are over 60. I did this while as a headhunter, too. There is a dynamic for the worker who is over 60 that I heard think you’ve heard of before (whisper) AGEISM. Part of it is self-inflicted in that you don’t look sufficiently at yourself and what you have done wrong in the interview so you find it easy to blame others. Thus, I thought I would do a video about 10 things you might consider doing in order to shorten your job search.

The 1st 1 is (and I know it’s a tough one) is NOT to get fixated on the past. When you are over 60, you tend to be interviewing with people who are younger than you (DUH!!!). Often when those of us (I’m 66, by the way) who are over 60 tell stories, it sounds like (old man voice), “I remember back in the old days when things were right, we did things right! Not like they’re done now!” The stories sound like we are patronizing. You have to tell your stories without going into the “patronizing tone.” You have to do it by going into “selling mode,” which is quite different.

As you know, stories are valuable part of interviewing , but they have to be practiced before delivered. I want to make sure you hear that. Your stories have to be practiced in such a way where you’re talking TO someone and not AT someone. You don’t want to offend them and cause them not to listen to you. Brevity is best. Don’t turn this into a 3 minute or 2 minutes or 1 minute and 45 seconds of the monologue. Keep the story succinct.

2. Consider getting a consulting or temp assignment. All of us tend to be better when we are not sitting around the house watching TV or doing nonsense. Get out and about. Take a temp assignment. Consider volunteering. Again, it is about activity. I am a believer that we set ourselves in motion where we are doing “stuff” we maintain our mental energy and perform at a higher level. Temp or consulting assignment. Volunteering. Do something to get yourself out and about with people.

Working out. I’m not talking about sweating bullets all the time, but if you’re not used to exercising, get yourself onto a treadmill and start walking. Don’t just simply walk at the lethargic pace. Do short intervals. Let me use myself as an example. I had a few…

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