Finding a Job You’ll Love

Jeff Altman
4 min readFeb 14, 2024

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

With Valentine’s Day here, writers’ thoughts turn to ideas of tying the art of love into an article idea. I am no different.

But, job hunting is very much like dating, and success, after you join, is very much like having a successful marriage.

There are things you can do while dating that can lay the foundation for a successful marriage and a successful job experience.

1. Do You Get That Certain Feeling?

In job hunting, I am certainly not speaking of the feeling of a teenager’s hormones going wild. Often as an experienced professional, you seen it all and very little seems new and different. Is there anything there that piques your interest? Are there people you would work with who you can like, trust and respect? Does the physical office seem to make you feel large and expansive or like you are working in a dump?

You know what you feel like when you feel great. Unless you need the money, there should be little room to compromise your gut instinct.

2. What Do Your Friends Say?

The older we are, the more we tend to think we need to make our own decisions without any advice from anyone. I personally think that is a mistake. Knowing that you need advice and having the wisdom to ask for it…



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