Ask for Advice from Experts . . . But Make Your Own Decision

Jeff Altman
3 min readNov 30, 2023

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

A while ago, the press spent a lot of time talking about a Republican candidate for the Senate from Delaware.

Is she too extreme?

Has the party made the right choice?

How can such an extreme candidate be chosen?

For several months before the election, no one considered her a viable candidate. Nor did they consider any of the other Tea Party candidates who were nominated by their party.

Going further back, no one ever heard of Jimmy Carter when he announced for President, thought Bill Clinton could ever be nominated after a scandal broke early in his campaign, though he could survive the various scandals that led to his impeachment, thought Bush was the legitimate President of the United States even though no recount, even those commissioned by the Washington Post or New York Times, ever overturned the results of the Florida tally, ever considered that Senator Obama stood a chance to become President . . .

My point is not about political commentary but about so-called experts.

All these experts, including almost everyone who make a living forecasting the stock market, were correct about any of these elections or foresaw the collapse of the financial markets in 2008.

You will need to make a decision about a job offer at some point and, like everyone, you will have blind spots that will need illumination. Create a “Court of Advisers” before you need to make a choice and ask for their help while you interview.

But ultimately, it is your decision. You will have to live with the consequences and, perhaps your family, if your decision is wrong.

You will have to decide, not them . . . and use that power and authority wisely.

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